How to be a Pokemon Defiance Trainer (Other than the actual challenge):

(You can in any current or potential future Pokemon gen. [likely] )

Do not use legendaries, megas, or ubers/psuedo-legendary Pokemon

Rare pokemon are allowed

Your pokemon team must include 6 Pokemon

Research the depth of Pokemon (such as beyond-hidden aspects of the game, (such Pokemon

Diamond getting a spiritomb, but something more interesting than that, also known as perfecting your

pokemon treating them as good ideas instead of code within game (if you know what this means), in other words not necessary this but this is what I mean: Your Pokemon - They had DO or will always mean something [ believe in that ]

challenge any current theme/hype/trend or anti-theme/hype/trend on pokemon and always find

away to enjoy your pokemon battles while making your pokemon more powerful

Only battle on ALL open (no restrictions) when battling another trainer

Focus on training more than a pokedexy

Instead of EV training, use the macho brace and exp.share (if the game has it, pref gen 3.) (you can

include ev training but make sure your using both of those items, see below)

( ^ i've researched about future gens (4-potential 7(Platinum-Sun/Moon) ) but haven't played through them

so if those items don't exist in those games, use an item similar to the brace or exp.share )

All 6 of your pokemon may not include the same type as another pokemon, even if their pokemon has a

dual-type (with the exception

of pokemon that has ablitie(s) that offer it extra-resistance (such shedinja's wonder guard)

Pokémon Trainer (Japanese: ポケモントレーナー Pokémon Trainer) is a person who catches, trains, cares for and battles with Pokémon. The majority of people within the known Pokémon world are Trainers.

Innovate and boost your Pokemon past stages of evolution (such current mega evolution, defeat megas without another mega pokemon) using items, moveset(s) , evolution stone(s) (aside from megas), etc.

Create strategies and share them with fellow trainers, keep every Pokemon journey of yours genuinely

positive; Do not be overwhelmed by challenges and make sure you have the time to go through it

sufficiently , seriously or compassionately without (many) interruptions. You don't know what discoveries you'll find (if not already). Don't drag a single journey out forever - or do, wisely and consciously.

[If any had viewed, views this, or will view this: Make sure to reassure yourself in the present . I wish the happiest and wisest Pokemon adventures to all of you].


Always Remember this: Age does not matter to be a Pokemon Trainer (any type) whether young or old

(as shown in the game(s) at the very-most least)

and always remember Scott's ( (gen.3/Hoenn/emerald) Battle Frontier Owner's/ - one of his quotes [ Note: i only know him from the game (Pokemon Emerald) ] :

"Every Trainer is an individual. They all lead lives of their own. But when they're in a battle, it doesn't matter who they are. They're all the same! I love the purity of battle, where everyone is equal. That's why I go everywhere seeking Trainers who are serious about battling, and invite them here." - Scott

(this list or page may not be complete)

Last Updated: 6/14/2016

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