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[Not So] Long ago Pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald existed and still do. This wikia is my past dream of creating an alternate user-based elite four or a challenge similar to that. However with emulating still around, their potential became much greater that t was originally.

(In other words this site is Hoenn Pokemon challenge, or an extra to the Hoenn (ruby, sapphire, emerald) Elite Four [and champion] ).

Note/Disclaimer: This wikia is intended for meomory (save) purpose(s) only and is targeted for those who can tell the difference between right and wrong (aside from age-wise). Should be all-age safe but no guarantee. Understanding the information is targeted for those who understand it, simply mentioning.

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The Pokemon Defiance (Challenge): Hoenn Region

The player begins their Pokemon travels as however they would originally. The user eventually defeats the elite four and champion. One time I played through the Pokemon Sapphire version of the game, having never played that specific version until then. Before then, i'd had been through ruby and emerald many times, especially emerald. Anyways, I got the idea of a challenge aside from the elite four. I thought the elite four was very restrictive but at the same time only had 5 battles. I'd thought there had to be another 5 after them, including a 5th elite four then the champion when it came to the 10th elite four member. But if this feature had been included in the original games, then you would not been able to heal in between each 5 section of that type of elite four. PP was the issue not the Pokemon's health. So I'd came up with this idea. Using mixed record trainers to serve in place of 5 or more extra elite four members. Back then you needed another person which you can still do nowadays but it is unnecessary to do that. So the next group of elite four members , now self-nicknamed "Pokemon Defiance" members are considered a rogue group of trainers who (hypothetically) try to surpass the elite four. The general 'defiance' members would have Pokemon in the 50's, and the champion would have Pokemon in the 60's levels. There could also include a trainer that has Pokemon in the level 70's to match Trainer Steven [Meteor Falls], a trainer who's more powerful than the npc champion (Wallace). Finally there would be trainer's 7 and 8 , 7 level 90's and 8 level 90's.They would surpass that trainer that matches [Former Champion] Steven and serve as special trainers. Their trainer class isn't specific but simply the 7th trainer would be called or have the EMP (emperor) class and the 8th trainer would have the "Master" class. While not entirely accurate, those seem fitting enough. While those trainer(s) would be mixed records with yourself - you have to create those trainers yourself or have someone else go through the game with you then mix record(s). Then the challenge simply occurs, defeating the elite four when you start a new character, then challenging the defiance team using those level's as a base. The secret bases themselves are where you vs those trainers but to battle them properly you would simply beat the elite four, heal, then defeat those trainers (1-5) in order. Then heal. The 7th and 8th trainers would be entirely possible but it wouldn't be consider a  true victory until the 8th trainer, the "master" 'M' [insert name] is defeated. So it is a user created and generated challenge at the same time. It is rather simple idea and not entirely original, but that is the challenge. Using the alternate trainers who can actually expand all of them throughout the region and make an extra contest with yourself or others since the generation 3 Hoenn region has enough secret bases to fill in. While other generation 3 games such as Pokemon Fire Red, doesn't have secret bases to be able to mix records with them, creating a secret base you can trade pokemon or use the cheats (not recommended) to have other regions' Pokemon in the challenge. You are able to finalize the team and challenge by practically doing anything more than that. It can be a never-ended experience but it is really can be a balance challenge.  Finally for the challenge to be completed the legendary and pseudo-legendary (sometimes called ubers and vice-versa) cannot be part of this challenge for it to be completed. I'd say 'enjoy' but this challenge is more saving a memory purposely and less likely to be viewed. If it somehow is it, that be interesting but enough has definitely been said in this section. Happy battling to all Pokemon generations and future Pokemon generations. [The ultimate goal of Pokemon Defiance Challenge is to change how you play the game without needing a hack]. 

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