<hero description="[Not So] Long ago Pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald existed and still do. This wikia is my past dream of creating an alternate user-based elite four or a challenge similar to that. However with emulating still around, their potential became much greater that t was originally. (In other words this site is Hoenn Pokemon challenge, or an extra to the Hoenn (ruby, sapphire, emerald) Elite Four [and champion] ). Note/Disclaimer: This wikia is intended for meomory (save) purpose(s) only and is targeted for those who can tell the difference between right and wrong (aside from age-wise). Should be all-age safe but no guarantee. Understanding the information is targeted for those who understand it, simply mentioning. " imagename="" cropposition="" />

  1. REDIRECT Pokemon Defiance (Challenge) (Actual) Wikia

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