General information about Pokemon game(s) related to this website

For me, i've played through fire red, leaf green, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond, pearl

(my) knowledge consist of gen 1-6 (mostly gen 3 4 and fire red/leaf green (still 3 i believe)

PokeMMO / partially another 3d pokemon game (I do not recall the name and it was little information known to me)

] there also turns out there's a Pokemon Defiance game [website] which i was surprised I hadn't heard about

or found earlier (i took many long breaks from Pokemon): [I have no affiliation with the creators of that game [development] (if it is still continued or otherwise, i've barely "looked" into it (yet) )

Pokemon Fusion generation is one of the some roms/hacks i'm familiar with

[this page is an extra page or link)

[This page] Created: 6/15/2016

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