What the 'Actual' challenge is:

Play Pokemon emerald w/out using a starter [using the vba emulator]

Go through the journey or game-play without using legends, pseudo-legends/ubers or starters (from any Pokemon generation specifically 1 2 and 3, the (current) others without implemented code (gen at least 3-6) [to get a new starter from those gens) )

Defeat all eight gym leaders and the elite four at least once

Heal your Pokemon

Find the Pokemon Defiance Trainers [PD1-4] (in their bases far-north of Rustboro City) and defeat them from top-bottom

Defeat the Pokemon Defiance Emperor KT (KT is a nickname) [ "PDEMPKT" stands for this]

You will need the emerald's save file to do this (since i've mixed records and to vs those specific trainers

the downloads are necessary (which may be linked here at another time) )

Or you can create your own characters/PD trainers using the previous guide* (see home page)

(this is currently, the only option* ^)

Find Trainer Stephen ( not necessarily an alternate Trainer Steven* ) (or any post PD-C trainer [ a 6th trainer that has pokemon with levels over the PD EMP's pokemon but under levels over his/herself exampling: if your or one's EMP trainer has pokemon with level's in the 60's, the next trainer will have pokemon levels in the 70's but not level 80's ] ) *

(Also follow the guide)

(this page may or may not be extended)

Notice: Downloads, videos and instructions are likely not to be included because mixing trainer records with separate files (other than the original file) would have to be re-done or re-mixed. The secret bases allows to challenge another trainer only if that trainer directly mixed records with the Pokemon Defiance NPC trainers originally (the actual user). Therefore indirect battling cannot occur if your or one's main character mixed records with many trainers then that main character mixed records with another trainer who had not previously mixed records with those all other (one or more) trainers.

Notice: The Pokemon Defiance Challenge now and only includes 6 trainers for one to surpass (defeating 6 instead of the former potential 7 trainers)

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